How to teach in Europe

5 Apr

The right way to teach in Europe

It really is not tough for a qualified teacher to locate work in Europe. Everybody needs English within the European Union and so there is certainly a good amount of work readily available. Obviously some places will probably be more popular with teachers than others and so the opportunities will likewise be a lot more hard to come by.

Exactly where and how you can look for work?

If you are fairly open with regards to your choice place, the established TESL websites are the destinations to start your job search. Their search engine listings enable you to search for roles by country and there always schools trying to find new staff. You could also find English jobs in Europe on As expected, you will end up going for jobs against other educators, even though applying for remote locations, however, if you’ve equipped a decent CV and are able to come across well throughout interview, it will only be a matter of time before you are offered a job.

An educator seeking to move into TESL in one of the more well-known city destination across European countries would, in my opinion, be better off applying for work once in your city of choice. Things move quickly in large cities and peoples requirements are constantly changing. It may appear a bit risky to relocate your life to a different place without the guarantee having a job, however I believe it is the best way of getting your foot in the door. You’ll need will power, and you also may have to work your way up from a small number of hours, but if you hang in there and keep at, work will show up.

When you should apply for work?

Timing is very important in terms of finding employment. The English teaching calendar in European countries typically runs on a parallel with all the traditional school one. School classes begin in September and run through until June/July. Bearing this in mind, you absolutely need to get ahead of the game. A teacher arriving in a city in the middle of September will have difficulties to make contacts and find work more than one who arrives in the end of August. Employers usually need people immediately. Classes are designed to start at such a date and also the teacher needs to be in place then. Don’t miss the boat by not thinking ahead.

The same rule applies later in the year. New opportunities may arrive with the New Year. As with the summer time, these need to be looked into then before the end of the year.

Always follow-up with schools after sending in your CV

Whilst this guidance in relation to timing usually rings true, don’t be afraid of following up on places you’ve left your CV with. A company or academy receives hundreds of CVs and can’t keep track of all of the people who may be interested in working for them. A telephone call or even an email every now and then to a organization you would prefer to work with, nevertheless have not heard back from, could lead to something. You can’t say for sure what exactly is going in that work environment on the day you make contact with, something may have just become available. Don’t be too proud to go knocking again in case you aren’t successful first time out.

Why teach English?

All of this guidance is only beneficial if you actually have a passion for teaching. You’ll almost definitely fail with regards to organisation, CV writing, or sheer perseverance in case your reasons for wanting to work as an English teacher are the wrong ones. Just before you decide to go in to the world, tell your self twice whether or not this is some thing you truly want to do. Have you truly thought of what it really would be like to move away from the home you’ve highly regarded for all your life? Do you really know something regarding the country you are considering working in?

How to teach in Europe

English teaching in Europe is a superb way to travel, explore new cultures, and to discover something totally new about your self. It really is a profession that demands patience, will power, and real passion for the role. If you’re thinking about doing it because you are a native speaker and you think it will be a simple way to earn money while you choose what you truly wish to do, you’re mistaken and should probably think once again. In case you go into for the right reasons, even though, it will likely be a decision that you won’t ever regret and one which changes your life completely.